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2p soccer clinic school

about us

Our Soccer clinic training program offers a variation of training for each individual and desired goals inside the field. The clinic is designed for personalized training only, we are not a soccer club.  

Campo de futebol

2p Clinic's goal is to change the approach related to training, teaching not just agility, technique, and strength, but teaching players how to push themselves and never doubt their full potential.


We are going to prepare the players to become better at the game, taking their skills to a different level step by step. 

In our program, we will mentor players on becoming stronger mentally and controlling their emotions throughout the sessions.


Players from clubs and academies are also welcome to join our clinic.

We are a totally separate soccer bridge.

All the players must have soccer cleats, shin guards, and a lot of water to participate. 

Campo de futebol

It's open to boys and girls

how will be divided

class 1

ages from 7 up to 12



class 2

ages from 12 up to 15



how to participate

  • Register online and fill out the form and waiver  

  • Make payment through Zelle/Venmo/Cash 

  • Set up a Recurring payment on the website with Debit or Credit Card (include in the payment note (player name, month, class) 

  • Show up at the location on time ready to play (wear your soccer gear and have a water jug) 

  • Check-in before the session to make sure the player is registered and approved to train. 

  • An email will be sent to the player (parents) with confirmation of the registration and payment.  

cost information


$ 280 

* siblings discount

3 month package

$ 660

save $60 a month

6 month package

$ 1,080

save $100 a month

1 year package

$ 1,920

save $120 a month

- $65 within the First payment

Siblings Discount 
- Enroll 1 kid and get $90 Off on 2 kid (up to 3 siblings discount, contact us to secure the discount
- Only Month to Month offers Siblings discount

Program will be starting soon
please join the waitlist




Daniel Alkmim

2p Coordinator and President



Pedro Campos

2p california founder and president

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